Barry Bonds Steroids Use

It is to be hoped in the near future that the reputation of baseball can be separated from the cloud of performance enhancing drugs, in other words steroids. A scandal about drug use pops up in every sport or with celebrities regularly, however with steroids and baseball it seems as if it is ongoing and ever growing. Barry Bonds before and after steroidsLet a baseball player hit a homerun and any crowd reacts (or almost any). Let a baseball player such as Barry Bonds break the lifetime home run record of a sports icon such as Hank Aaron with ease and then he goes from a great to a legend that will be spoken of for years to come. That is certainly the case with Barry Bonds, however, his record-breaking all-time homerun record of 2007 and his single season record of 73 in 2001.

Barry Bonds, however, is also under the cloud of suspicion because of the Balco scandal. He was charged with perjury and obstruction of justice in the matter of his testimony in the Balco steroid affair. That Barry Bonds took anabolics there is no question the court has documents and tests stating that three types of performance enhancing substances were found in his tests. His response is that he took these on the advice of his trainer and had no idea they were steroids. Did Barry Bonds think he was only taking testosterone supplements?

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Fans take widely opposing stances on the topic of Barry Bonds and steroid use. Some support this baseball great and say that he has always been a good player and that working out and eating helped him develop the muscles and power he achieved in his mid-30s. On the other side of the coin, other fans say you would have to be blind to not see the incredible changes in him over a short period and the fact that as he aged his homerun records improved doubling in averages over a period of a few years.

Barry Bonds stands firmly behind his statement that he was given performance enhancing drugs without his knowledge and used what he thought was flax seed oil and a cream to help ease muscle aches. The court did not seem to believe him; hence, he faces perjury charges that will be hard to prove.

What is perhaps of more concern to fans than Barry Bonds' legal woes is how to regard his all time league record, whether or not any of his accomplishments should stand, because knowingly or not he did this with chemical assistance. That is not a question for the courts but for the officials and fans. That an athlete on drugs broke one of the most cherished records in baseball offended some and clouded not only Barry Bonds’ accomplishment but also many people’s faith in baseball.

Baseball is making an effort to clean up but this particular leftover from the steroid era of baseball stands as testimony to some serious mistakes by both players and policy makers in major league baseball. Barry Bonds had an outstanding career and was an unbelievably talented player; it seems a shame that the stigma of steroids should touch such a great athlete. Now instead, when people hear the word baseball, instead of thinking homeruns, they think baseball steroids.

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